Corporate Design and Branding

As a design agency we develop logos and stationeries for small and mid-sized businesses as well as complete Corporate Design Guidelines for mid-sized to larger companies. We always develop solutions that can be used cross-media, with b&w versions of logos, low resolution files for screen applications or minimal sizes in marketing material.

For a Corporate Design we develop the company-wide guidelines which go way beyond the stationery and usually are used internationally. For mid-sized companies we improve their current marketing appearance and improve their brand awareness with a streamlined and unified concept. CD manuals are usually german, english or multilingual in PDF form, printed versions are produced upon request. Of course we assist our clients in implementing the new Corporate Design with all marketing tools like print, exhibitions or web.

Below you find a small selection of projects in the field of logo and Corporate Design which have been developed by us. Please click on the particular image for more detailed information. For further information or more references dont hesitate to contact us.

We work with foresightedness