Packaging design

The packaging is one of the most important advertising media for a product, no matter if private label or a brand. In just a few seconds at the shelf you need to get the attention of the consumer. Especially for private labels the packaging is often the only medium to initiate the purchase or guide him in the situation or a repeated purchase. With this packagings not only address an emotional side, functional aspects also play an important role for the consumer.

This has been one of our challenges in communications design for 30 years which has been resolved for manufacturers and trade chains always in timely and successful fashion - e.g. for folding cartons, tubes or bottles made of PET and PP as much as many other packaging solutions. Many of our product designs in food, bodycare, cosmetics and detergents could and can be found in international drugstores, supermarkets and discounters. We also design packagings for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We are target-oriented and cost-effective and work with expertise and the eyes of the target audience in an innovative and also down-to-earth way to let your product deliver the perfect advertising at the point of sale for your brand.

Here our service is reaching far beyond the simple design of labels, folding cartons or similar. In addition to the graphic design we deliver the digital pre-press production including proofs and PDF workflow. This can of course be provided for the matching trays and display cartons as well.

With our expertise in pre-press and data handling we had been assigned by the german association of folding carton manufacturers, the Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie FFI e.V., with the development of the "Technical Guidelines for Data Exchange in the Prepress Production for the German Folding Carton Industry". There we had also been assigned with the implementation of the "Technical Guidelines for Braille on Folding Cartons". With our expertise as a design agency we have also been assigned by Pro Carton, an international association for folding carton and cardboard manufacturers.

Below you find a small selection of packaging projects which have been developed by us. Please click on the particular image for more detailed information. For further information or more references dont hesitate to contact us.

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