Digital media

For a corporate or brand image digital media have long become an essential module in the marketing mix. Our business goes way beyond the "simple web page design" though. We always keep your target group in midn and address them in an appropriate and convenient way. Web development is based on databases and content management systems (CMS), tailored for every client to achive the greatest independence in combination with time and cost effectiveness regarding theit web content.

Our webdesigners not only care for a convenient print version of your site but also use Responsive Design for an automatic adaption of your website for all kinds of mobile devices like iPhone or iPad with best legibility in any situation. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with our programming of the page and also considers content optimisations. For a better response through search engines like Google we support you in the field of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) like Google Adwords. Data storage publishing like CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray or USB sticks together with a perfectly designed packaging completes our services in the field of interactive media.

Below you find a small selection of digital media projects which have been developed by us. Please click on the particular image for more detailed information. For further information or more references dont hesitate to contact us.

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